Wednesday, July 29, 2009

black is beautiful

black is one of my favorite exudes mystery..but sometimes people mistake black from brown..i have no problem wt color specifically skin doesn't matter if you're black or white or brown..people sometimes judge you based on the color of your skin..
don't judge a book by its cover as what the saying goes.
melanie marquez once said,"don't judge my brother because he is not a book"..
and don't judge me because i'm not a book too..hahaha..
so what if i'm black?..or brown?
so what if i'm not white?
the most important thing is what is inside my heart..
and that is love..
the love that i can give and share to other people
no matter if you are brown or black or white...


2 days ago i attended donna and ntsikboy's party.
it's their anniversary..
2 yrs of laughter n fun..
of course di mawawala yong dramahan,selosan,awayan pero unlike other couples here la namang sigawang dinig ng buong neighborhood, tapunan ng gamit sa haus o kya bugbugan factor.syempre the main ingredient that bind and made them stick 2gether till now is their love.
masaya naman ang party,daming lafang,bumaha ng alak..syempre fave drink yan ng lola...
most of the guests are badings,mama eda came all d way from sharjah pa,the couple's close friends..
and of course mawawala ba ang mga boys..kanya-kanyang projection ang mga bading para mga nang-aagaw ng eksena,me nag-walkout kse sinabotahe daw yong song nya,......
basta ako i went home wt a smile on my luscious lips........hahaha..
my congratulations....